Check Out The Popular Thai Women Dating Agency Tricks That The Celebs Are Using

Check Out The Popular Thai Women Dating Agency Tricks That The Celebs Are Using

Check Out The Popular Thai Women Dating Agency Tricks That The Celebs Are Using

The Innocent Thai Girl Who Married The Devil Of Dubai.

Can anyone in their best mind ponder why a 25 year old, 40 kgs, spiritually basic Thai woman (left) would marry this horrible, unsightly, fat, puffed up, hellish looking, 108kgs obese, thai dating sites thailand 40 years of age tattooed freak?

Often even when I take a look at this image, I can not comprehend why. Simply since the woman on the right is Nitnipa Nakoon married the man on the right, Loy Machedo-- that's me.

There are moments I ask myself and even my better half-- seriously, why did you wed me? And all I get is a hug and a laugh.

Well, let me fill you in with a few details that make this mix extremely unlikely.

About my partner:

She is a basic, hard-working, selfless, forgiving, loving, caring, spiritual girl who never had a boy-friend and wasn't interested in men. She never touched alcohol, cigarette or drugs. And she never went to any parties, bars or bars. She just thought in helping her mother and father in the rice fields. She is young, she is beautiful and she is complete of life.

About me:

Foul-mouthed, repulsive, conceited, self-indulgent, self-centered, self-promoting, boastful and an Atheist. Someone who had actually cheated on all 3 of his other halves, had over 450 sexual affairs, who tattooed himself from head-to-toe, disliked being around with individuals, broke off with his household and family members, was really questionable, singing and loud. And never ever believed in doing anything for free. And added to this-- I was over-weight, ugly and not very nice to be around with.

So why in the world did my wife even approve of me? To guarantee, she would inform me the fact which I would inform the world about it- specifically since I would constantly get concerns-- I even created a youtube video and published our discussion LIVE

In truth here are number of shocking realities that possibly nobody understands:

  • My wifey's genuine name is Nitnipa Nakoon which means "Appeal Of Light". However in English, everyone calls her "Annie"

  • We met on the Thai dating site. Best part-- until then practically every other site had give me no responses to my profile.

  • Shaadi which is an Indian matrimonial site had rejected my profile image stating I wasn't allowed to upload star images claiming that it was my own

  • Shaadi which is an Indian profile and me being Indian myself-- Well, I got zero matches and absolutely no responses while on the thai dating sites thailand dating website, I got over 5,000 responses

  • I would send out over 100 emails a day without seeing whom I was sending it to as I seriously didn't desire to read what anybody needed to say about them. After all, I understood whatever individuals wrote was their own 'goody-two-shoes' examination of themselves and none of it was a real reflection of their personality. And yes-- just like the format I follow on emails-- I copy/pasted the same design template to everyone

  • Out of the 5,000 actions I received, I sent all of them a list of Concerns, Terms & & Conditions of what I desired, what I was trying to find and who I was. And in that I also made it clear that
    - I wasn't abundant
    - I wasn't going to offer any money for marriage (in the Thai tradition, the man needs to pay the female's household out of respect-- a marital relationship dowry).
    - I didn't smoke, drink, or mingle and desired a female who was the exact same.
    - The female after marriage had to work and I wasn't offering her simple money.
    - I was the boss of your house and the woman had to follow my guidelines.
    ( Nobody liked my rules I suppose as the 90% never reacted back)

  • Out of the ones who agreed to it, I would simply talk with them in a very normal way and from all the rest-- I lastly zeroed it down to 6 women.

  • I ended up choosing one-- but that woman cheated me of 100,000 Thai Baht and ran therefore I was back to square one. Highlight, we had actually actually announced to the world world we were getting married and she even tattooed my name on her chest to prove it that she loved me. Even after that, she ran-- an act I could never ever make good sense off.

  • Lastly, I handled to get one lady whom I knew was the ideal one for me. She was going to arrive in a months time.

  • Nevertheless, 5 days before she was going to get here, I bumped into this woman on my Facebook messenger. She had sent me a buddies demand, and although I had actually accepted her demand, I never chatted with her.

  • And in the strangest coincidences of them all-- instead of meeting up with the girl whom I was supposed to get wed-- I wound up conference Nitnipa and getting wed to her. Weird right?

  • By the way-- the biggest shocker-- I saw her on cam and in 3 seconds I proposed to her if she desired to marry me or not. She not just got a shock of her life-- she wound up stating yes. And within 3 days of conference each other in person for the very first time-- we got wed.

Now when I asked my wifey, Nitnipa why did she get wed to me or why did she say yes to me, well these were her factors:

  1. I was the 1st man in her life who told her "You appear like Mickey Mouse" while speaking about her ears.
  2. I was the first person when she did ask me what did I like about her-- I told her "I do not understand anything about you, how can I like you?"
  3. I was the 1st person who didn't provide her a single compliment. In reality, I never ever complimented her at all.
  4. I was the 1st man who didn't smile at her
  5. I was the 1st guy who kept doing work while placing on the electronic camera (I was busy blogging)
  6. I was the 1st guy whom she ran into that didn't smoke, didn't drink, thai dating Sites thailand didn't go to parties and didn't like interacting socially
  7. I was the first person who had tattoos. Highlight she disliked tattoos of any kind.
  8. I was the first man whom her family totally rejected and said no to.
  9. I was the first man who informed her point blank all his drawbacks including the fact that I had actually slept with sluts, I had many ladies in my life which I was a playboy
  10. I was the 1st person who told her that he wouldn't pay any cash for dowry.

So in every shape, method and form, I was the overall opposite to whatever she had envisioned. Nevertheless, well get got married.

However if you believed the story ended there-- well you are mistaken again. AFTER we got married, obviously everyone in the town notified her mom and daddy that:

  1. I was a dangerous Mafia member
  2. I was understood to beat females, individuals and kids
  3. I apparently kidnapped women and sold them into prostitution
  4. I was hazardous and violent
  5. I had drugs and illegal compounds in the house.

It was so bad, that they actually declined to send her with me and for us to return home. So, what was the service?

The Elder Sister & & her spouse accompanied her with me to my home-- just to be sure that she would be safe with me.

Once they examined my residence and realized there was absolutely nothing to fret about, well they left. But not without developing a group on LINE (app that the majority of Thai individuals use) where they would constantly send her messages to know if I was good to her or not. Appears that somebody when again let the household understand that I was 'putting on' an act of being good (she informed me about this group male days later).

Today it has been 7 months considering that our marital relationship. My wifey is quite alive. Finest part-- she is likewise pregnant with our first child. So not numerous scary stories there. Apart from my constant fascination to my work and my state of mind swings where I do not like any noise when I do my work-- there are no other scary stories to share.

The only other amazing thing for the both people is that-- well tomorrow-- 16th January 2018 is her birthday. And 13 days later is mine.

Given that I do not think in all this Birthday BS, I have hardly ever if ever celebrated my birthday. But given that she is a girl still in her 20's I might consider some simple yet private moments to make it and keep it unique. Nevertheless, it will stay personal and personal.

However when I look back at our minutes together, specifically how we satisfied up, I have absolutely nothing but surprise and awe at how she was able to check out all my ink, all the reports about me and all the negativeness even I informed her about me and still accept me.

In truth, even today when I ask her "Why did you say yes to marry me?" she really sweetly responds in her broken English "I see your eyes. You have excellent heart. You excellent man."

Do not know much about that part. However all I do know is that I am indeed very lucky to have a female who truly likes me and who by any requirements of the word 'best' is really my best fit and my ideal partner.

So for whatever it deserves, I am just lucky to have actually found True Love. And yes, commemorate the first ever birthday of my wifey-- Nitnipa Nakoon with me.

Happy Birthday dear Wifey from your precariously devilish husband ...